Faith Stories

“Everyone has a story. God is in that story. Your faith story is today’s parable.” 

Because our readers strongly connect to the messages and faith walk stories in Lost and Found along The Way, we are actively seeking your story to share for evangelization purposes. Consider sending your faith walk story in 900-1000 words to

How to format and submit my faith story

Your faith story is today’s parable.
You’ve read Lost and Found along The Way and one chapter really connected with your faith story. We’d love to help you share it.
Video introduction on faith walk stories


Kathleen & Eileen’s Story
Powerful story of two friends and the selfless love one has for another, enough to donate part of her liver to the other. This is a short version of their story.
Kathleen & Eileen’s Story


Mike’s Faith Walk Story
Bad habits can grow into addictions. Life can be dark and God seems so far away. Mike’s faith story is a testament of God, “the hound of heaven,” who pursues us, even in our darkest moments.
Hope born out of addiction

Joe’ Faith Story
We don’t fall into sin; we slide deeper and deeper into sin. This was true in Joe’s faith walk. A wrong attitude enabled him to fall into addictions and the grip of sorcery. God forgave, but Joe had to learn how to forgive himself.
Freed From Addiction and Sorcery