Author: Ron “Willie” Williams


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Lost and Found along The Way uses a unique approach—the hybrid of two genres. The first chapters are narrative historical fiction that portray James in Acts 12:2 facing his execution and how those who loved him might have reacted to it. These chapters end with the discovery of James’ gravesite some eight hundred years after his martyrdom and how the Camino pilgrimages began along the Camino, also know as, “The Way.”
No other book offers such a unique back story of Saint James and the Camino.
The balance of the book is non-fiction. These chapters each contain three perspectives:
• “The Camino” contains vivid descriptions of the geography on the trail and interesting historical background. The author’s vivid descriptions bring the reader along the trail with him.
• “My Camino” includes stories of the author’s gritty life experiences that surfaced while traveling the Camino, his personal reflective prayers, and the spiritual insights that God awakened.
• “Our Camino” provides guidance on how the reader can dig deeper into their spiritual life—outside of their comfort zone. These each end with a true and dramatic faith walk story that hooks the reader and demonstrates God’s hand in people’s lives.
The overall benefit of the book is its “how to evangelize” method. Many believers ask, “How do I share my faith with those who have lost theirs?”
The final chapter in Lost and Found along The Way teaches how to do just that.